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  • Can you deliver to me?
    I can ship most items worldwide via Royal Mail UK Post. Please take a look at my Shipping Prices for further information.
  • Why do you not just sell on Ebay?
    I do have an Ebay shop with which is linked at the bottom of the page; however for the best deals and to avoid Ebay fees I recommend for my clients to purchase through this website as you will get a better deal!
  • Where do you get this stuff from?
    Lots of places! Antique fairs, other collectors, house clearances.. I am always looking.
  • Is it not weird selling pictures of deceased people?
    Not at all. The Victorians were much less sensitive around death than we generally are these days. Many people were so poor they could not afford photographs which at that time was quite expensive to the common man. The only photograph many families would have of their loved one was taken after they passed away.
  • You haven't got a postcard of my town, can you acquire one for me?"
    I have old postcards from most places. Chances are if I don't have the one you're looking for I will be able to find it for you :)
  • Why do the prices differ so much?
    I keep my prices as low as possible. Items are priced according to rarity and condition; for example a postcard which is torn or damaged will be of much less value than the same in pristine unposted condition.
  • What payment methods do you accept, and is it secure?"
    Your payments are always safe and secure using Wix Payments and we accept all of the major credit and debit cards. We also accept payment through Paypal.
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